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Rolling blackout in Texas calls for solar panels and battery storage.

Feb 15, 2021Solar News0 comments

A high time to In the United States, power outages has been on the rise for a decade. Currently, more or less, all United States experiences electric outages than ever due to heavy snow and bad weather. Currently, the state of Texas is freezing, and the state is recording the coldest temperature in 30 years. Such weather conditions are challenging for utilities to meet Texas energy demand. The state’s grid operator will have to rotate blackouts early on Monday, and Tuesday, if needed. The outage will put over two million Texans in the dark. That means the capacity of Texas’ power grid, most of which is run by conventional energy sources like coal and natural gas, will be put to the test. As per the sources, there are chances of rolling blackouts in Texas or “rotating outages.” If we talk about the climate crisis Texans are facing right now, a clear-eyed and honest evaluation and potential of solar power is the need of the hour. And that real value must be reflected in Texas energy policies. Texas ranks fourth in the country in a total solar generation but eighth in rooftop solar power generation

Why Texans need solar energy now more than ever?

Currently, the power grid will shut down during poor weather conditions. One of the main reasons for a grid shutdown is to protect utility engineers sent to fix damaged power lines. The second reason is your solar panel (if you are using solar energy) is connected to the grid via a solar inverter.

The solar inverter runs to a smart meter to record the amount of energy you use. If the power grid shuts down, so will your solar panels. The third reason is freezing temperatures and precipitation threatens to paralyze wind farms in Texas, which is the primary source of generating electricity in Texas.

So, what is the solution?

The only way for homeowners and business owners to continue generating power during an outage or blackout is solar battery storage. Today, utility companies realize the importance of solar energy storage and are finding ways to incorporate more renewable energy into their infrastructure, well better late than never!

How can Solar battery storage rescue the grid in bad weather?

Texas’s rolling blackout warns the state to start using renewable energies like solar energy to avoid such outages. If all the utility companies are building new infrastructure to support solar energy and solar-powered battery storage, we can only prevent blackouts. At Arise Solar, our solar battery storage service can help you make blackout a thing of the past.

How can individuals benefit from solar battery storage solutions?

With our solar power battery storage solution, you can take control of your energy storage. It is done by diverting your solar panels’ excess solar energy to your battery and backup panel. By using the stored energy, you can power appliances in your home. Not only this, but you can also choose what and how much you want your solar panels to backup to use in case of an outage.

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