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Solar by state


Arizona, are You Ready to Make the Switch?

With the beginning of the Renewable Energy Standard, Solar first came to Arizona in the year 2006. According to this rule, registered electric utilities should generate 15 percent of their total energy from renewable resources by 2025. Presently, Arizona ranks third in the country and is known as one of the top solar states with almost half a million solar-powered homes. According to a report. Arizona Solar produced 416.6 megawatts and a total of nearly 8,400 jobs in the industry.

How can I go solar In Arizona?

Places in Arizona like Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma are some of the sunniest cities with 85% or higher average possible sunshine. If you are searching for solar power for your home in Arizona, then Arise Solar can be our perfect fit. We deliver a complete home solar system with high-efficiency panels, battery storage, and device to track energy production. We also offer a reliable warranty that covers the solar system as a whole we deliver in Arizona. Our dedicated Arizona Solar team knows Arizona’s weather pattern, required building materials, and suitability.


California, Are You Ready for the Switch?

In California, solar produces 19.02% of the state’s total electricity requirement. Both the favorable weather and California’s economic environment help the solar market grow and benefit homeowners, government agencies.

How favorable is solar in California?

Solar can help California run on 60% renewable energy sources by 2030 and 100% renewable energy sources by 2045. If you live in California, having solar panels can help you produce surplus energy to store and sell the solar power to the utility department to get a quick return on the investment of purchase and installation.

The cost of residential solar panels in California has reduced by an average of 34% in the past five years. Solar projects in California can range from large installations to power farms and facilities for individual homes.

The cost of solar depends upon a few essential factors unshaded roof space available, local weather and geography, and much more.

How to go solar In California?

The number of solar panels required for your California home depends upon factors like budget, your roof space, and your energy needs. Choosing our high-efficiency home solar panels can help you produce maximum energy and cut on utility bills. Arise Solar is one of the best Solar companies in California, with a local team of solar experts that is well-aware of California’s earthquake safety standards and weather conditions.