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Solar FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my home suitable for solar installation?
Several things decided the suitability of solar for your home, including your home location, roof angle, shading it gets throughout the day, and how old your property is.
Don’t worry! Our solar advisors will run an analysis of your home to know if your home is suitable for solar at the moment.
If I start with a small-scale installation, can I extend it in the future?
Yes, PV systems are easy to scale. You can expand the design as per your needs.
Why do you need my utility bills?
The electricity consumption varies from home to home. To design a perfect solar system for your ho,e, we request a full year of your electricity bills.
How much power does a single PV module generate?
The residential PV module generates around 300 watts of power, and the commercial module generates about 350 watts of power.
How soon after the installation will I be able to get solar incentives?
The solar incentives vary from area to area. The residential solar system might give an ROI in 6-10 years and commercial solar systems in 3-5 years, depending on various factors.
Will I notice any change in appliances after going solar?
NO, you won’t notice any such difference. Your appliances and everything else will work exactly as before. The only difference you will see is in your bills as you will be getting two separate bills, one from the utility department and one from Arise Solar.
Is there someone to help me if I have any queries?
From site inspection to system design and installation to lifetime maintenance, Arise solar will be with you throughout your solar journey.
How many PV panels will my home solar system need?
The number of panels you need depends upon the percentage of your utility bill you want to cover, your budget, peak hour needs, and the layout of your home. We will explain everything once you consult us.
Will my home solar system work in winters?
Yes, your home solar panel will provide power to your home throughout the year. IT is because the amount of energy that is produced does shift with the seasons. Our solar solutions are designed by keeping all seasons in mind.
What will happen to my PV panels during natural calamities?
Our Photo-voltaic (PV) panels are designed using tempered glass and are hail-tested to ensure a long life. So, you can stay worry-free during any such natural calamities.